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1.  Why are the slogans emailed as pdf attachments?

Portable Document Format allows transfer of the slogan in its original format whatever kind of computer you have. This is important because formatting and fonts contribute to the impact of a slogan almost as much as the statement itself.

2.  Why are they in black and white?

There is no point in transferring files in colour because it depends on what colour tee shirt you wish to transfer it too. If the tee shirt is a light colour you will need dark colour text, and vice versa.

3.  How do I convert the file to the colours I want?

Simply select, copy and paste the slogan to a Word file. Then you can edit text and fonts as well as select the colours of your choice. Alternatively, just email the file in its original format as an attachment to your tee shirt printer (or take it in on a CD, or even as a black and white print out) and tell them the colours you would like. Better still, let us put it on a tee shirt for you.

4.  Why do some slogans have parts that are in grayscale?

Sometimes slogans lend themselves to presentation in 2 or more colours. Shades of grayscale indicate this although whether you want more than one colour is ultimately up to you.

5.  Are the slogans available apart from over the net?

Yes, but only in New Zealand currently. Many of the slogans can be found in The Tee Shirt Book by Malcolm Lane, published by Bent Note, and distributed by Nationwide Book Distributors. It costs NZD 12.99 and is sold in bookshops throughout NZ. Details can be found at


I'm Malcolm Lane and Bent Note Publishing is my alter ego as regards original writing. With degrees in chemistry and philosophy, not to mention a liking for Pythonesque humour, my overall attitude to the mysteries of life could be described as healthily cynical - something that is probably evident in my slogans. I also have a passion for blues music, so if you're interested in that side of things check out